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"This is who we are"

It all started in 2006 when John Adili decided to open up The Fat Tomato in West Berlin, NJ.  Since then we have been providing the surrounding area with the freshest and highest quality italian food we know how.  A true family affair, The Fat Tomato is family owned and operated.  Susan, John's wife, and their son Eric and daughter Stephanie all take part in the business.  In fact it is Stephanie who coined the term The Fat Tomato on night out with the family trying to think of new names for the restaurant.  Eric was a little jealous they didn't go with his idea of Jumping Gepedo's, but honestly we are glad they didn't either.  

Over the years of John's vast experience in the industry, alongside the ideas of Chef Nino, we have developed a menu that is an eclectic take on Italian cuisine.  We do hope that you enjoy the food we have to offer.  Food is an intrinsic part of our family and we strive to give out the best meals we can.  

Pride and joy are what we take from operating our restaurant, it is a large part of our lives and we thank you very much for making us part of yours.  Family is what motivates us to do our best in the business we operate, this is who we are and who we will always be.